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i love u giant squid!

I'm a fan of your past work, I absolutely love your cow in a tree song, that is too awesome for words.

Like some others are saying, I'm getting problems with the audio, altho for me the voices are way too quiet, had to turn my speakers up to be able to make out what they were saying, then was nearly deafened when the sound effects kicked in.

I love your animation style, altho I think I missed the punchline in this one, because when I turned down my sound to protect my ears, I missed the last bit and didnt hear what he said :(
Perhaps add some subtitles until you figure out what is causing the volume issues ;)

giantsquid responds:

I readjusted the volume to be considerably louder, and uploaded it again. I'm not sure if the new version is appearing when people click on the "watch this movie" button or not. I get the impression that other people are hearing something significantly different from what I am, if the problem really is that obvious...

But thanks for your comments and praise, Lazarou! I'm flattered! :)


It wasn't as bad as people are making out.

The main problem is that the poem it is based on is really bad.

I think considering the plot you had to work with was pretty cruddy, you did a fairly decent job.

things to note for future reference:
-Whilst it is easier to animate people made of geometric shapes, they look incredibly fake. Try to soften the shapes, if in doubt trace around a photo and then break it into seperate MCs to animate each joint.

-The sound effect of eating the cake sounded a little bit like, well, something very rude. Some more obvious chomping and scoffing noises would be better than the current slimy, sloppy noise you have.

Keep up the hard work, its obvious that your knowledge of flash is increasing with each movie you make.

andy70707 responds:

thanks, I still have another day, so I might get rid of the outlines around the joints in the people and soften them up, like you said.

Great art, script sucks

I can't flaw your art or animation, they are excellent.

You should really get someone else to write your material though. It just wasn't funny. Maybe like a 12 year old would laugh at the gay jokes, but I dunno, just seemed too obvious. Seemed a shame, as the animation was great, just was boring and tedious to watch.

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Nice Game

More of an interactive story than a game, but still nicely done all the same.

Don't know if anyone else mentioned it, but you have a few jagged images in there, this is caused by rotating or resizing images in flash. If you have flash CS3 or above, you can fix this by ticking the "allow smoothing" box in the image properties.

Good luck on the next game.

great game

awesomly addictive game, but where is the mute button? trying to play the game whilst chatting to someone on skype isn't possible :( The music and explosions are just too loud to be able to talk to someone at the same time.

Add a mute button and it would have got my 10

GameBalance responds:

wow. or u never used any music players or u just got silly. Mute music by set music volume to 0%. Options in the gameplay

Looks great, but I think I broke it...

First I have to say, I really like your game's style and theme. It actually reminds me a lot of my own games, both in theme and content (I'm the creator of the core series of escape/adventure games).

-I like that all your puzzles are logic based. That definitely gets a big thumbs up from me. I really like puzzles that don't need any explanation other than just a bit of trial and error until you figure them out.

-Music and art are all really nice. Your character design and backdrops all add to the whole thing.

-Your music choice is also great.

Now for the bad:

-Whilst your puzzles are all logic based, some of them need a "little" more user feedback - ie it helps the player to see when they are heading in the right direction when working the puzzle out, rather than being left in the dark until they finally solve it.
Your generator puzzle was probably the best, because the player could see exactly what each push of the button did, and after a bit of trial and error, they could finally get a solution.
Wiring puzzle at the end had to be the worst, but I will come back to that later.

-Towards the end of the game, it felt a little rushed. Bits of text being cut off on the edge of the screen, graphics a little less tidy etc.

-The wiring puzzle... ok, I'm really not sure what that one is all about. So first you have to figure out that clicking on a wire, then clicking on a socket will connect the two. Then after about 10 minutes of head scratching, by accident I find that I can connect multiple wires to 1 socket by clicking on each colour, then on the socket they are meant to go into. The problem is that there is no indication of which wires you have currently selected.
It each wire that you had selected would glow, that would at least be an indication that something was happening.
However I couldn't work out the solution to the puzzle. Everything goes well until you realise you only have 1 red wire, but 2 sockets seem to want red.
Well, after randomly clicking, suddenly it appeared that I had solved the puzzle (no idea what I did, it didn't look very solved to me).
On pressing the red button, I got a very buggy looking end sequence, where words were half masked rendering them unreadable, the animation kept flicking back to the button inside the train, whilst a missile hovered in mid air.
It didn't feel like a proper end to me, and I am guessing that what I saw was unintentional.

Anyway, giving you 6/10 and 3/5. I enjoyed the game, but it feels a bit untested and buggy, you should really at least get a few friends to playtest it for you through to the end, to iron out these few glitches. Still, looking forwards to seeing more from you, keep up the good work.

tap5y responds:

Thank you very much for taking the time and writing such a detailed review. I'll look into the bugs once I have some spare time.

Thanks anyway!!!

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Its actually the 5th game in the series, but no worries ;D

This track makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. It is perfect in all senses for my game, which I will be releasing within the next week or so, so keep your eyes open for it :D

SolusLunes responds:


Glad you liked this one so much! :D

This is my fave one

Of all the Tower tracks, this one is actually my fave. It is just so chilled out, so ambient, and it matches my visuals perfectly. Has just the right blend of crystal and ice, without being too obvious or overstated.

Loving it.

SolusLunes responds:


I personally prefer the main theme, but this is ambient awesomeness. :D


I'm in ur tower, stealing ur technology!

As the man said, this was written with a very specific brief in mind, and it delivers perfectly. Yes, it could probably loop a little better, but it doesnt bother me too much because it sounds so hawt.

SolusLunes responds:

Hehehe, my thoughts were, in this order:

"Wow, this is perfect."

"Now how am I going to get this to loop with all the long-decay pads?"

"Fuck it, I'll let him worry about that."

I enjoy using Flash creatively to make cool looking games and applications. I'm still learning a lot of actionscript, so prefer to stick to simple formats rather than all out flashy action games.

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