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New 'core' game on it's way

2007-11-04 08:19:10 by Lazarou

I am currently working on my third game, the sequal to Sphere Core, and Cube Core. Hopefully this game will feature something for everyone, I am trying to add lots of the fun stuff that make my games unique, It will feature hopefully some original and mind bending (but still fun and possible) puzzles, for all you point and click addicts.
This game is being sponsored by, so a big thanks to them for their enthusiasm about my games, I really look forwards to completing it and letting everyone play it :)

This screenshot is from the opening screen of the new game, it doesnt give too much away, but it gives you an idea of the visual style of the game.

The game should be ready by this time next week, all going well. I still have plenty to do though, so that may change according to how much time I get to spend on it. Anyways, thanks everyone for their comments about my last 2 games, the feedback has been absolutely amazing, really happy that people are loving my games, because I love making them.


New 'core' game on it's way


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2007-11-04 09:10:58

I love the visual style. A LOT. Very simple and very slick.


2007-11-04 12:20:35

Awesome can't wait.


2007-11-07 17:36:45

I do so wish I could finish it.
Alas, I'm a dumb one, and even with the tab button, I'll never finish.


2007-11-16 15:36:41

It's going to be awesome i had trouble on sphere core but cube core was a little bit easier and hopefully we will learn the story behide the cube and sphere