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New "Core" Game in the works

2008-08-18 07:41:13 by Lazarou

I'm currently working on a 4th game, a "final episode" to the previous three. It should tie up the whole series nicely, as well as start filling in the gaps with a bit of story.

This is the most ambitious game so far, I still have a lot of work to do, and it will probably be a month or more before I consider it complete. I had so many awesome comments about my previous games that I felt I really should try to tie up the series.

After this, who know what I will do, but I know I want to keep making games, so as long as I keep having cool ideas I will try to keep making cool games ;)

New "Core" Game in the works


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2008-08-18 09:49:23

Oh kick ass! But is this going to be more story oriented or puzzle because the only one with a real "plot" was Prisim Core since you could escape to Paradise and there were those aliens watching you the whole time. But other then that little worry I will happily await the final Core game and try to beat it. Please keep it like the Prisim Core with the three possible outcomes. I swear I have played that game for hours trying to beat all three of those scenaros!

Lazarou responds:

It is going to be a LOT more story oriented, I considered doing a prism core 3x Ending, but currently my plan is to have a single path through the game, but add in plenty of nice little extras that you might not find the first time through.

Hopefully everyone who enjoyed prism will love this game, and it should bring people to the other games in the series who may not have discovered them yet.


2008-08-18 09:55:06

Games in an animation series are a sure fire way to get fans. Because many people just come here to play games, and attracting them to a popular series is a sure-fire way to gain respect. Kudos for thinking hard, bro!


2008-08-18 20:28:32

ahh ok thanks for responding. So basically it's going to have a Bunch of Easter Eggs hidden through out the game great I know I'm going to spend all my time next month or so playing this game till my fingers bleeed


2008-08-19 07:51:00

I hope this one is a little bit easier than the others. The colors with the prism one drove me insane, and I only got the easy ending!